League Of Legends' Rengar Will Be Fixed Later With Other Challenging Champs

The League of Legends jungler Rengar has been proven to be a difficult champion to balance, but [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

The League of Legends jungler Rengar has been proven to be a difficult champion to balance, but plans to bring him out of his current state likely won't be put into action until some other problematic champs are looked at, according to some recent thoughts on the game from Riot Meddler.

Stuck in the same boat as other champions like LeBlanc and Azir, Rengar fluctuates between overpowered and underplayed depending on how items and champions change with each patch. Currently, he's in one of his slumps, but in order to bring him out of that, it's going to take some time.

"Touching on Rengar since he gets some questions and we mentioned him much for a bit," Riot Meddler began in his most recent Gameplay Thoughts post. "We don't have any immediate balance plans for Rengar, we're not happy with his state long term though, which will assumedly mean some larger work at some point (might be one of the projects taken on after LB and Azir, might not, still assessing options there). As with LB he's been a challenging champion historically, offering some really high moments but never being in a great spot counterplay/balanceability wise."

Putting a champion in the same category as LeBlanc and Azir when it comes to balancing champs is never a good sign, but unfortunately, that's exactly where he finds himself. After he had his abilities changed, his ability to one-shot enemies became even more problematic than it had been before. Couple that with a surge in lethality popularity, changes to other items, and some follow-up Rengar nerfs, and you have the Rengar that's currently in the game.

The news about Rengar's impending changes is definitely welcome for those who have been itching to duke it out with Kha'Zix again in the jungle, but the timeframe for his changes mean that they won't come for a few more patches. Azir and LeBlanc have had their changes predicted to come several patches from now, Patch 7.18 being the one that was previously mentioned to be the first possible host to the changes.

Smaller changes might come to Rengar before then, but with options still being assessed for the jungler, it might be even longer after Azir's and LeBlanc's smaller updates before Rengar is restored.