League of Legends Devs Confirm Mini Reworks for 2 More Champions

Riot Games is working on what it calls "mid-scope updates" for two more League of Legends champions, the studio confirmed this week. The champions being looked at this time are Taliyah and Olaf with each of their changes currently "in flight," though it hasn't been said yet what will be changed about their kits. Riot added that it's starting to ramp up the work on these sorts of updates, so it sounds like we'll be seeing more of these announced and worked on after progress is made on the ones for Olaf and Taliyah.

Riot August, the lead champion designer for League who created champions like Jinx, Viego, and Zeri, announced on Twitter this week the plans to adjust Olaf and Taliyah. For those who aren't as up to date on how Riot looks at its various champion adjustments and reworks, the work being done on these will be similar in scale and scope to what was done with Ahri, Janna, Xin Zhao, Sona, and Lucian in the past.

In a follow-up tweet, Riot August said the goal for these sorts of mid-scope updates – often referred to as "mini reworks" or something similar by the community – is to "revitalize" champs who've lost their luster to a degree.

"These changes attempt to revitalize characters that have lost a bit of their shine over time, ideally they're something the players of those champs can be excited about!" Riot August said.

Based on the replies to those tweets alone, people who favor one or both of these champions already have general ideas about what they'd like to see happen. Taliyah, for example, is a mage which means that she'd typically be played in the middle lane, but she's used far more often in the jungle. Requests to have her back in mid have already been voiced, and while we don't yet know what the plan for her is, that seems as good a guess as any right now.

Olaf on the other hand is a pretty one-dimensional champion with a kit built around simply chasing people down and being unstoppable during that hunt, so perhaps his kit will be a bit more interactive after his update is finished.