League of Legends' New Teamfight Tactics Mode Launches Tomorrow

League of Legends players who’ve either been watching their favorite streamers do battle in [...]

League of Legends players who've either been watching their favorite streamers do battle in Teamfight Tactics or those who've been able to try the mode themselves on the PBE will get the full experience soon when it launches on live servers. Riot Games' newest game mode for League will be releasing in North America on June 26th in an open beta format following its closed beta stint on the PBE servers where it's been for the past week.

Riot announced the release of the upcoming beta on Tuesday with the game mode slated to go live as part of Riot's typical weekly patch schedule. The mode was first announced on June 10th and is Riot's contribution to the rise of the fledgling autobattler genre that's been popularized mostly by Dota Auto Chess. Teamfight Tactics will launch from within the normal League client, so you'll have both the main game and its various modes like ARAM right alongside Teamfight Tactics.

This genre might be totally new to League players if you've never tried Auto Chess or something similar, but League players and content creators have been creating how-tos for the mode since it released on the PBE to prep everyone for it. The game pits eight different players against one another as each player drafts champions to their team and later powers them up with items and through leveling. After organizing your team onto a game board, the units will automatically battle against another players' champions until one team wins. Losing will take a chunk of health off your Little Legend – a new feature that doubles as a cheerleader and a way to grow your cosmetic collection – and the fights will continue until one player is the last one standing.

Judging from the attention that Teamfight Tactics got while it was on the PBE, players shouldn't have too hard of a time finding a game when it goes live in its open beta. Wait times to get into the PBE creeped up as the mode became more popular with some queues saying that it would take hours to get into the testing environment.

For those outside of North America, the game mode will be launching at different times throughout the week. Those in Oceania and Japan will get the mode first on Tuesday while North America and other regions will follow on Wednesday. The rollout will continue until Friday and some missions will be added later on, a post from Riot said.