League of Legends Might Hold Off on Twitch Nerfs Until Preseason

(Photo: Riot Games)

Twitch has been a pretty powerful late-game force in the bot lane recently, but the League of Legends champion might not be receiving any nerfs any time before preseason hits.

No nerfs for the champion are on the PBE at the moment, Riot is keeping a close eye on the toxic ADC for the time being to see if anything needs to be done about him. A recent note about Twitch from Riot Meddler discussed Twitch and said that they were "investigating" the champ, but still "might leave unchanged."

For those that would call for nerfs to come immediately for Twitch, the reasoning for holding off on the changes deal with the upcoming preseason. With the preseason coming that'll introduce new runes and stat changes for each champion, there will be plenty of changes that might make nerfs in the next patch or so unnecessary.

"Do we need to nerf Twitch before pre-season hits and upheaves the state of balance for a bit anyway?" Meddler asked.

If any nerfs were to come for Twitch in the near future, they'd likely come in the patch after next since the discussion was tucked under a category of the update that dealt with balance changes that might come in Patch 7.20. In addition to the possible Twitch nerfs, Meddler outlined a couple of other changes that might find their way into Patch 7.20:

  • Ongoing work that didn't make it into 7.19 - Sterak's buff, Brand buff targeted at mana restoration for CSing Brands, probably an Ornn buff (might still make it into 7.19 though).
  • Monitoring of bigger 7.19 changes - Janna, Azir, Xin Zhao, Vayne and Caitlyn all have some likelihood of needing some follow up work
  • New changes planned - Buffs likely to Graves, Karma

The next patch is set to drop soon this week, so look for potential changes on the PBE after Patch 7.19 rolls out.



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