League of Legends Video Takes a Look at Everything New in 2017

A new Riot Pls video discussed several different upcoming features and plans that Riot Games has for League of Legends, but it first took a look back at how far the game has come in 2017.

New001, the lead producer for League of Legends, commented on how 2017 has been for Riot and for players while going back even further to 2016. After discussing how 2016 was on Riot’s end, New001 explained that they made a commitment to improve in 2017.

“2016 was a tough year for our team,” New001 said. “The truth is, we didn’t do a good enough job listening to you guys or addressing your concerns. So with the start of this year, we decided to make a concerted effort to listen more and to deliver on long-time promises.”

And looking back on 2017, it certainly looks as though they did just that. Player discussions were filled with comments about Riot slaying all of the memes that have circled League of Legends for years, the rework of Urgot being just one example of those fulfilled promises.

One of the biggest changes that came during 2017 was the new client, an update that allowed for several other improvements to take place. While not all of the rotating game modes are ready just yet for the new client, it allowed for the creation of features such as the practice tool, highlights viewer, missions, skin collections tab, a new honor system, and a 10-ban format in Draft games. The time that it took to get into each game with the new client was also drastically improved with queues being shortened by two to three times their previous average.


Tons of smaller quality of life improvements were also implemented in 2017 that included the option to surrender earlier at 15 minutes and the “warded” ping option. After bringing up both the start and end of year’s meta that began with ADCs struggling and the “ADC in 2017” meme and ended with the dominance of Ardent Censor, New001 said that Riot was pleased with the year as a whole.

Check out the video above to look back on more changes made in 2017 as well as new features like Clash that are coming in the future.