LEGO Super Mario Airship Set Leaked

LEGO and Nintendo have been doubling down big time on Super Mario themed sets lately, and it seems [...]

LEGO and Nintendo have been doubling down big time on Super Mario themed sets lately, and it seems that a new one has been leaked ahead of an official reveal from the two companies. Amazon Australia listed and subsequently pulled a listing for a massive Airship from the franchise. The set will apparently release this summer for $100, with 1,152 pieces in total. The Airship will be accompanied by two of Mario's enemies that fit the theme: a Magikoopa (with a flying broomstick), and a Goomba wearing a pirate hat. It also includes a cannon for launching Mario up towards the flying vessel.

Images of the set were shared on Twitter by @Nintendeal, in a Tweet that can be found embedded below.

If you've ever played Super Mario Bros. 3, chances are, you can totally hear the game's Airship theme playing when looking at these images. Airship levels played a central role in that game, and have appeared in a number of Mario games since then. The ship even features Bowser's head right on the front, just as it appears in the games. Last but not least, the ship can open up to reveal more play features.

Now that images of the Airship are floating around the internet, it seems like it will be just a matter of time before LEGO and Nintendo make an official announcement. It certainly looks like a welcome addition to the Super Mario line, and one that a lot of fans are going to want to add to their collections the second it becomes available; hopefully it won't be too hard to come by!

Interestingly enough, the Airships are getting a lot of love at the moment. Mario fans that want an Airship as a display piece with less assembly required can also check out an upcoming vehicle from Jakks Pacific's Super Mario toyline. That particular toy will release sometime this fall.

Do you plan on picking up the LEGO Super Mario Airship set? Or do you prefer the version coming from Jakks Pacific? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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