Marvel: Crisis Protocol Adds New Version of Hulk Pulled Straight From the Comics

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is debuting a new version of Hulk, pulled straight out of one of his most iconic comics runs. Today, Atomic Mass Games revealed that it would release an Immortal Hulk miniature in April. While the Marvel: Crisis Protocol game often references famous comic book arcs through Team Tactic cards or superpower names, this marks the first time that a miniature has been explicitly mentioned as coming from a specific story arc. Immortal Hulk's powers are unclear, but it will have a new Stat Card and new Team Tactic cards, so it will likely be radically different than the other Hulk miniature currently in the game. You can check out a first look at the new miniature below: 

The Immortal Hulk was a fifty issue run written by Al Ewing and illustrated primarily by Joe Bennett that leaned into both supernatural and horror elements to tell a different type of Hulk story. At the center of The Immortal Hulk was a revitalized Devil Hulk persona, who was re-named The Immortal Hulk because he could take over Bruce Banner's body even after Banner suffered a fatal injury. The Immortal Hulk was considered one of the top superhero books for the three years it was released. 

The Hulk joins several other popular Marvel heroes who have multiple models within Marvel: Crisis Protocol, including Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Captain America, and Iron Man. It will be interesting to see whether the Immortal Hulk launches a gamma-themed wave of characters in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, which has been surprisingly light on major Hulk antagonists or supporting characters. 

The Immortal Hulk will be released for Marvel: Crisis Protocol in April.