Marvel: Crisis Protocol Previews Winter Soldier

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has released a preview for the Winter Soldier, an upcoming miniature for the tabletop skirmish game. Yesterday, Atomic Mass Games previewed the Winter Soldier during their weekly Twitch livestream. While Bucky Barnes was originally Captain America's sidekick during World War II, he was found by the Soviet Union after his supposed death and brainwashed into becoming a cybernetically enhanced assassin. Eventually, Captain America helped bring out Bucky's original personality, and the Winter Soldier is now one of Captain America's closest allies.

The Winter Soldier has a Threat Level of 3, and serves as a potent offensive threat with a mix of short range and long range attacks. His "Assault Rifle" attack has a range of 5 and acts as the character's power-generating attack, and can also cause Bleed when a wild is rolled. The Winter Soldier can also hit a player with his strong "Red Fury" close-range attack, which also allows players to push the target and then hit them with a free Assault Rifle attack. Depending on how the Winter Soldier uses his push and various superpowers, he can hypothetically roll a total of 22 attack dice against a single miniature in one round.

The Winter Soldier's superpowers give him the ability to position himself on the battlefield, moving him close to allies and setting him up to retaliate should one of his allies fall. He also can re-roll attack or defense dice when an opponent is extremely close, giving him incentive to stay in the thick of battle.


While the Winter Soldier's offensive abilities are impressive, it's his "Rogue Agent" superpower that should make him an appealing add to any roster. This superpower allows him to count as an affiliated character during roster building, which means that having him on the roster gives you more flexibility to build a team and benefit from an affiliation without loading up on weaker characters.

The Winter Soldier will be released in a Character Pack with the Vision later this year. The Character Pack will cost $39.95.