Spider-Man PS4 Artist Reveals the Secrets Behind Spidey's Perfect Nipples

In Marvel's Spider-Man, Peter Parker doesn't just have the perfect body, he has perfect nipples as well. And while anyone -- with enough hard work -- can achieve the former, you're born with the latter. Thankfully for Peter Paker, he was born with perfect nipples thanks to the artists like Coelho-Kostolny at Insomniac Games. That said, creating perfect nip nops isn't easy. In fact, according to the aforementioned artist, it's quite challenging. Nipples cause issues with character models, which is why most characters are created nipple-less.

“Sculpting nipples is a bit weird despite having made dozens of characters for video games, mostly because nipples can be horribly detrimental to the production process,” said Coelho-Kostolny while speaking to Kotaku. “We use cloth simulations for a lot of loose clothing like t-shirts, for example, and that simulation tends to get caught on small details like nipples, so they’re things that character artists generally avoid putting into models unless you’re specifically supposed to see them.”

According to Coelho-Kostolny, his job was to make sure the nipples weren't too distracting. For example, they couldn't be too dark or too big, otherwise everyone would focus on them rather than Spidey's 36 pack. Further, this is Spider-Man. In other words, these aren't just your random video game nipples, they are Spider-Man's nipples, which means they require a lot of research, like looking at underwear models and past Spidey nipples.

“In terms of what makes a nipple worthy, I’d say it comes down to making them just as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of his figure," said the artist. "I definitely had a look at the scene in Spider-Man (2002) when Peter Parker wakes up and realizes he’s now absolutely jacked. Scenes like that are [a] great reference for color and placement."

Coelho-Kostolny reveals that while they aren't "identical, pixel-perfect duplicates," the two nipples largely look the same. As for why they don't 100 percent identical, it's because the artists on the game wanted to avoid it looking unrealistic. However, there was a conscious effort to make them look good, like the rest of the character's body. In fact, Coelho-Kostolny spent a lot of time thinking about how to make Peter Parker hot.

“I absolutely took a good amount of time to consider what would make him, for lack of a better term, hot,” said the artist. “Everything from how vascular his arms were to the placement of his underwear on his hips got some sort of special attention, and I’ll admit I did all of it for the express purpose of adding a little beefcake to what is otherwise a pretty mild game in that regard. I mean, sure, an incredibly fit dude can be hot, or he can look like a weird vacuum-packed muscle monster. I absolutely wanted to err in the direction of making him hot.”


At the end of the day, the whole process of making the nipples took multiple days, which may seem like a lot of time, but Coelho-Kostolny is happy with the final product.

“I actually count it as a point of pride that [Marvel] didn’t have feedback on the nipples,” said Coelho-Kostolny. “It meant I did ‘em right!”

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