Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite's Collector Edition Infinity Stones Aren't What Fans Expected

When the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Collector's Edition was first revealed, it looked epic. The Infinity stones looked detailed, spectacular, and perfect for any Marvel fan. As is the case with a lot of buy-before-you-see purchases, the actual product failed to meet expectations. In this case, it's almost hilarious. Unless of course you were in the market for brightly coloured Easter Eggs.


The image above shows off what the collector's edition is supposed to look like. From the picture, it looks like the infinity stones are made of a clear, coloured material meant to be accentuated by LED lights. By looking at the product page, the whole package appears to be awesome addition to any collection.

One Marvel vs. Capcom fan decided to put a little humorous spin on her letdown with the "expectations vs. reality" meme treatment. The left is what the promised product is supposed to look like, the right is the reality. Different material, different ... almost everything. At least they remembered the LEDs?

Understandably, the customer was upset with a follow up reply stating "I understand that collector's editions are money machines, but if your promo art shows LED backlit transparent glass/plastic - deliver."

Predictably, the Twitter comments resulting for her original post were hilarious with a ton of memes and a plethora of egg jokes. One user even joked, "Capcom really used Reality Stone on this one."

Even beyond that of the stones themselves, even the box looks a lot less detailed than the picture. At least the figures seem to be up to par with the promised product. So far there have been no complaints about the Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Chun-Li, or Mega Man X figures.

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 19th. Currently, Amazon Prime members can save 20% when they pre-order.




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