Marvel's Avengers Developer Teases Next Playable Character

A developer behind Marvel's Avengers has teased the next playable character that will be coming to the live-service game. Within the past week, Marvel's Avengers finally added Jane Foster, otherwise known as The Mighty Thor, to the character roster. And while the response to Foster has largely been well-received by the game's community, some fans have been left wanting to see more characters that aren't so similar to other playable Avengers. Fortunately, it sounds like the next superhero joining the team will be much more unique. 

According to Brian Waggoner, who is the lead design lead at Crystal Dynamics on Marvel's Avengers, the next hero joining the game will be completely "new." In truth, every character that is added to Marvel's Avengers is technically new, but some fans have started to grow tired of how similar certain heroes are when it comes to their playstyle. For instance, both Thor and Jane Foster and Hawkeye and Kate Bishop have a lot in common with one another from a mechanical standpoint. As such, fans have been hoping that whoever may be coming to Marvel's Avengers next will be unique and won't instead be similar to characters like Captain America, Hulk, or Iron Man. Luckily, that's exactly what Waggoner has now confirmed in this new interaction on Twitter. 

While he didn't provide any further details about who this upcoming hero might be, he did add in another tweet that he's very much looking forward to what's to come. "So excited for the future, hope y'all are too. Lots of heroes to add to our world. Lots of stories to tell," Waggoner said. "As the great one [Stan Lee] said...Excelsior." 


Are you excited to learn that the next character that will be added to Marvel's Avengers won't be an "echo" of an existing hero? And which Marvel superhero would you personally like to see brought into the game next? Be sure to let me know for yourself either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.