Marvel's Avengers Announces Special Editions Details, Pre-Order Bonuses

Square Enix announced this week new details for its various special editions of Marvel’s [...]

Square Enix announced this week new details for its various special editions of Marvel's Avengers. We knew of one of these before when there were talks of the "Earth's Mightiest Edition," and following a leak that revealed another edition ahead of schedule, we now know that there will also be a "Deluxe Edition." Each of these can along with the standard version can be pre-ordered ahead of release to obtain extra bonuses including an early-access period that's separate from the beta.

This Earth's Mightiest Edition was first revealed during a panel at last year's New York Comic-Con when an enticing spread of Marvel's Avengers memorabilia was displayed. These extras that come with this edition were described in more detail by Square Enix this week and include a Captain America statue, a SteelBook case, a Hulk bobblehead, a Mjolnir keychain, Black Widow's belt buckle, blueprints for Iron Man's Prototype Armor, Kamala Khan's Honorary Avenger pin, and a group photo of the Avengers all together. It also comes with a 72-hour early access period beginning a few days before the game releases on September 4th. It's priced at $199.99. Pre-orders are live here at Best Buy now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

The Earth's Mightiest Edition also comes with the Deluxe Edition which you can buy separately if you don't want all the extra collectibles. This version of the game comes with the Obsidian Outfit pack which includes six different costumes. You'll also get six different Obsidian nameplates and the same 72-hour early access period. Pre-orders are live here at Best Buy for $79.99 with a SteelBook case bonus.

Regardless of which version of the game you pre-order, you're eligible for a couple of bonuses. "Participating retailers" will offer a pin set, patch set, a digital comic book, or a SteelBook. The nameplates, access to the beta period, and a Marvel Legacy Outfit pack are also included in those pre-orders.

For those who pre-order the game from the PlayStation Store, you'll get even more bonuses including a Ms. Marvel emote and a Hex Pattern Logo dynamic theme for your PlayStation 4. There will also be a Digital Edition that's exclusive to the PlayStation Store and comes with a Ms. Marvel nameplate and "1,000 credits which can be used towards Super Hero customizations," according to Square Enix. Like the other editions, this one will grant early access to the game, and separate from other platforms, those on the PlayStation 4 will be able to try the beta first.

Marvel's Avengers will officially release on September 4th following a delay which pushed it out of May.

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