Marvel's Spider-Man Could Be the Next Free PlayStation Plus Game

Marvel's Spider-Man just might be the next free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers. PlayStation 4 users in the UK have found that the game is listed at full price on the PlayStation Store, but adding the game to their cart prompts an option to choose between the Standard Edition of the game, and the Digital Deluxe Edition. In this window, the Standard price is still there, but a PS Plus logo is underneath, alongside the word "Free." It's possible that this is simply a glitch in the store, but PS4 owners might want to hold off just a bit longer before purchasing Marvel's Spider-Man, just in case!

So far, Sony has only announced Call of Duty: WWII as one of June's free PS Plus games. It certainly wouldn't be too surprising to see Marvel's Spider-Man receive a similar treatment. After all, the game is currently free for PlayStation Now subscribers, alongside Just Cause 4, and The Golf Club 2019. That particular service offers subscribers access to a number of free games per month, with several different subscription models. Marvel's Spider-Man is included in the current crop of games, but only until July 7th.

Released in 2018, Marvel's Spider-Man has proven to be a major success for Sony. The game is the fastest-selling first-party title in PlayStation history, at 3.3 million units sold in just three days. The previous record-holder was God of War, at 3.1 million. Since then, Marvel's Spider-Man has sold more than 13 million copies total. A sequel has not officially been revealed at this time, but Sony purchased developer Insomniac Games for $229 million last year. As such, it seems highly likely that a PlayStation 5 sequel is in the works. If that truly is the case, making the game free for PS Plus users could be the perfect way to increase interest in the sequel.

Developed by Insomniac Games, Marvel's Spider-Man features a veteran take on the web-spinner. While many takes on Spider-Man feature the character in his teens, the PS4 game starts players nearly a decade into the character's career, after many of his relationships with his supporting cast and rogues' gallery have been established.

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