'Marvel's Spider-Man' Fan Imagines What A Venom Game From Insomniac Would Look Like

Earlier this year, Insomniac Games delivered Spider-Man fans the game they've always dreamed of with the PS4 exclusive, Marvel's Spider-Man. And while there's no doubt the developer is likely gearing up for a sequel -- if it hasn't started one already -- many fans have speculated what the team could do with other Marvel properties.

That said, rather than simply imagine what another Marvel superhero game from Insomniac would look like, Reddit user "spaceflip" took it upon themselves to go a little bit further and actually concept what a Venom game would look from the studio, and the result has us wishing that in addition to another Spider-Man game, the California-based studio had another team working on a Venom project.

I wanted to draw what a Venom game in this style might look like from r/SpidermanPS4

Apparently spaceflip isn't the only one smitten by the idea, as the post already has over 3,400 up-votes from other Reddit users. And rightfully so, because the concept is pretty spot on, and almost looks like a piece of art spilled out of a Insomniac Games' computer file in another, alternate universe.

With the huge commercial and critical success of Marvel's Spider-Man, the idea that we could eventually get a Venom game isn't that far-fetched, especially with Marvel keen to establish it and its IP in the industry further. That said, there's a few things working against such a game/series.

For one, the recent Venom movie starring Tom Hardy didn't exactly light the world on fire, and in terms of the type of success other heroes have been having on the big-screen, Venom was pretty underwhelming, which might hinder the chance for the character to get his own game series.

Two, Marvel is probably looking to expand beyond the Spider-Man universe with its next game series. Whether that's with Iron Man or Black Panther, who knows.


Three, (spoilers for Marvel's Spider-Man ahead) with the end of Marvel's Spider-Man teasing that Venom will play a substantial role in the sequel and potentially beyond it, it seems unlikely that there would be a Venom series made alongside this. At the very least, it wouldn't come from Insomniac Games.

Anyway, feel free to hit the comments section and let us know what you think. Will Venom get his own game series like Spidey?