Minecraft Is Using Creepers and Slimes to Share Coronavirus Health Advice

Minecraft developer Mojang has taken on a new commitment to help spread health advice through the massive game’s social media channels amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This means that players that follow those channels will see Creepers and other mobs from the blocky building game passing on some advice like “wash your hands” and other tips for staying safe. This new commitment results from a team-up with the United Nations Development Program and Heart17, Mojang said. Things won’t be changing in-game, so the Creepers and other creatures from the game will still respond as expected when you encounter them.

Mojang gave players and its followers a heads up about the coronavirus plans through a post on the Minecraft site so that people wouldn’t be surprised about seeing Creepers offering advice in tweets and other places. These sorts of posts from the Minecraft team typically have a lighthearted, joking tone to them, but this one was considerably more straightforward considering the subject matter.

“At Mojang, we find that distributing factual information is incredibly important, as that information will help people make informed decisions, which in turn may save lives,” Mojang said. “One thing we’re doing to help is teaming up with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and their partner, Heart17. Together, we’ll spread the word under the banner of #TomorrowTogether.”

To assist with the spread of helpful advice for those practicing preventative measures during these times, Mojang said it’ll be allotting space in its social media channels to advice just as the tweet above does. These Minecraft-themed tips probably won’t sound too different from ones people have already heard, but perhaps they’ll work for some audiences being attached to the game.


“Over the next week or so, we are devoting space in all of our social channels to important health advice derived from the World Health Organization’s recommendations,” Mojang said. “So if you suddenly come across a Creeper asking you to wash your hands, don’t worry: their agenda has not permanently changed. In the game, they still want nothing more than to get cozy with you and proceed to blow up. But in our social channels, and for the time being, they also want to help put an end to the pandemic.”

Expect to see more tweets like the one above shared through the Minecraft Twitter page and other social media accounts in the coming weeks.