‘Minecraft’ Joins the Funko Pop Family in a Big Way

(Photo: Funko)

Wait, Funko didn't have Minecraft Pops until now? It appears so - which is very surprising - but they're making up for lost time with a huge first wave.

Indeed, Minecraft is coming to the Pop Games lineup in a big way. The main series of Pop figures includes Steve and Alex, an Ocelot, Skeleton and Creeper. There's also a chase Tuxedo Cat figure that's a 1-in-6 rarity with Ocelot. The entire line of standard figures is available to pre-order in the links below with shipment slated for February:

Minecraft Creeper Pop! Vinyl Figure #320
Minecraft Alex Pop! Vinyl Figure #317
Minecraft Ocelot Pop! Vinyl Figure #318 / Tuxedo Cat Chase
Minecraft Steve Pop! Vinyl Figure #316
Minecraft Skeleton Pop! Vinyl Figure #319

Not surprisingly, there are a ton of exclusive Minecraft Pop figures for collectors to hunt down in this release. Look for a glow version of Creeper at FYE, Charged Creeper at GameStop, Steve in Gold Armor and Alex in Enchanted Armor at Walmart, Skeleton with Fire at Target, Steve with Enchanted Armor and a crossbow at Toys 'R' Us, and Alex in Diamond Armor at Best Buy. The exclusive figures will be available in their respective stores in February.


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