Minecraft Now Has Minions DLC

Another high-profile Minecraft crossover happened this week with Minions now in the game. The [...]

Another high-profile Minecraft crossover happened this week with Minions now in the game. The yellow creatures introduced first in the Despicable Me movie before taking off on their own with a Minions movie and much more have come to Minecraft as DLC players can purchase from the game's Marketplace. A total of 29 different skins from everything related to these Minions make up the DLC pack along with a Minions-themed Adventure Map and more.

The Minions x Minecraft DLC is available right now for those who have the Minecoins to spare. Different versions of the Minions themselves are available as part of the DLC skins and are of course accompanied by skins for Gru and others from the Minions franchise.

"Do YOU have what it takes to become a super-villain? You just might!" a preview of the DLC found in Minecraft's Marketplace reads. "Grab your Minions Adventure Map, and live out your evil dreams as you take on the Vicious 6 in an exciting Adventure Mode. Explore familiar places and cause maximum mischief with Illumination's Gru and the Minions in Minecraft. Includes 29 franchise skins!"

A preview of the DLC shared within the Mojang post about the content shared more details about the skins players will find in the pack outside of just the Minions and the main cast of the movies. Those characters include those who will be found in Minions: Rise of Gru.

"A whole slew of villains, including all six of the Vicious 6, also known as the world's most notorious collective of villains and breakout stars from the upcoming Minions: Rise of Gru, are here too!" Mojang said. "I know what you're thinking. That's too much numerical nefariousness for one DLC. But that's why all the Minions are here! It's up to you to decide who will cause more chaos – you or them."

The Minions x Minecraft DLC is currently being sold for 1,340 Minecoins which equates to a bit over $7 if you're planning on buying the content without any Minecoins to your name.