Monster Hunter World Releases Content Early for People Staying at Home

Capcom knows that a bunch of people are stuck at home right now whether it’s because they’re self-isolating themselves or their workplace has been closed down, so the company released some Monster Hunter World content ahead of scheduled to give them something new to do. An announcement shared through the game’s Twitter page said that some Monster Hunter World event quests, including those that pertain to the new Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion, are live now ahead of schedule. Players have around two weeks to complete them, so there’s no rush if you can’t get to everything right away this weekend.

The announcement about the event quests shared on Twitter didn’t explicitly mention the ongoing coronavirus pandemic but rather the effects of the situation that are forcing people to stay at home. Those quests weren’t scheduled to go live just yet but are now available as of March 27th.

For players who want to see what’s in store for them from these event quests, you can always check the game’s event schedule to see what’s happening now and in the future. There’s no shortage of event quests to pursue right now, some of which are related to the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion while others are in the base game itself.


Those who are on the PlayStation 4 and still haven’t tried Monster Hunter World themselves can experience the game now and participate in their own missions and quests now that the game is having a free trial event. The free trials happen every now and then, and this latest one gives PlayStation 4 players the chance to play the game until March 30th. You can play online with others and can complete as much of the main story as you can, nearly all of it, and whatever you do will be saved for the future in case you opt for the full game.

Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s special event quests are now live until April 9th.

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