New Monster World: Iceborne Trailer Shows Off Terrifying New Enemies

A new trailer revealed for Monster Hunter World's next big expansion has confirmed that Glavenus is back, a fiery beast that contrasts sharply with the frigid Iceborne expansion. Glavenus' reveal was accompanied by the announcement of two other types of monster subspecies, the Fulgur Anjanath and Ebony Odogaron. You'll see each of these beasts in the trailer above along with more details about a hub where players can gather and some hints at what's still to come.

Harnessing the powers of the elements, these newly revealed monsters can utilize lightning and fire against hunters depending on which one you're fighting. You'll see them in action within the trailer above, and more details shared by Capcom give additional insights into what they're capable of.

"The latest trailer provides a peek at just two of the ferocious variants that await: the electrifying brute wyvern Fulgur Anjanath channels lightning instead of fire and the fanged wyvern Ebony Odogaron is more vicious than ever with a wider attack range and dragon elemental," Capcom said. "In addition to these fearsome subspecies, the fiery Glavenus, whose distinguishable roar was teased in the previous story trailer, wields its sword-like tail to wipe out hunters with its trademark sweep attack."

During a much more peaceful part of the trailer, you'll see people gathered around hot springs and other areas within a settlement that looks much different from its icy surroundings. This place is Seliana, a base in Hoarfrost Reach that serves as a gathering hub for players who need to regroup and gear up before going out on hunts. If you need to craft something or organize your belongings before heading out, you'll find a way to do so in Seliana.

"The new hub of Seliana streamlines the flow of meeting up with other players and tending to all your pre-hunt necessities by adding quick access to facilities like the Smithy, Resource Center, Botanical Research Center, and Argosy," Capcom said in a blog post which discussed the new feature.


There's also a "My Room" feature that you'll find in this gathering area. As its name suggests, this feature gives players a space of their own that they can decorate with furniture and other items. In a update planned for a release after Iceborne is out, you'll be able to invite other players over to visit your living space.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6th with the PC version following later in the winter.