Mortal Kombat Fans Should Start Watching Out for Movie Spoilers

If you’re one of the many people looking forward to the new Mortal Kombat movie and want to make sure nothing gets spoiled, it might be time to start putting your blinders on whenever you’re online. We’re almost within two weeks of the movie’s worldwide release date which means that we’re in prime spoiler territory should fights, surprise character appearances, or Fatalities leak online. Greg Russo, the writer for the Mortal Kombat movie who’s been active on social media talking about it ahead of its release, advised people to “beware of spoilers” as well during these final days until the movie is available.

Spoilers aren’t leaking all over the place right now or anything like that, so you perhaps don’t have to shut everything down right away. The movie is apparently starting to release already in some parts of Asia, however, which makes it even more likely that something could potentially leak online. Russo shared a very brief clip from the Mortal Kombat movie posted online by a Mortal Kombat-focused Twitter account alongside his message about spoilers. The clip shows a very brief face-off between a couple of fan favorites from the franchise. It doesn’t reveal much, but if you’re precious about spoilers regardless, perhaps it’s best you don’t watch it anyway.

With April 23rd the only known release date for the movie following its delay that pushed it back a week, the fact that it’s releasing early elsewhere will probably be news to many people. That’d make it even more surprising to see the spoilers online, but now that we all know the movie is apparently coming out elsewhere ahead of its established release date, we can know to be cautious about the spoilers.

Those spoilers have fortunately been entirely absent so far where Mortal Kombat is concerned. There’ve been rumors and speculations about which characters that haven’t been revealed already will make it into the film, of course, but nothing has really leaked. Hopefully that trend will continue leading up to the release, but it might be best to start muting some phrases on social media or avoiding certain forums and communities in the meantime just to be sure.

Mortal Kombat releases in theaters and on HBO Max starting on April 23rd.