N64 Classic 'Goldeneye 007' Being Remade By Fans With Unreal Engine 4

It doesn’t look like the N64 classic Goldeneye 007 will be seeing a re-release anytime soon -- not even with the potential of a Nintendo 64 Classic console -- but fans are trying their hand at creating their own revival of the game, utilizing Unreal Engine 4 technology to bring it all together.

This comes from a story over at DSO Gaming, in which a team called GoldenZen, alongside some helpful modders, are rebuilding the game from scratch as a project called Goldeneye 25. Now, it’s not entirely legit, since it doesn’t have the support of Nintendo. However, based on some early gameplay video footage that has surfaced from the project, it’s coming together rather nicely.

For instance, take a look at the video above, which recreates the classic Facility level from the original game. It shows not only some impressive lighting for the game, but also the faithful “weapon sway” that changes depending on which direction you’re going.

It’s still quite early yet, since the enemy animation leaves something to be desired, and it’s not rebuilt exactly the same as the original game appeared. But, thus far, GoldenZen really has some interesting ideas in terms of the remake.

Speaking of “weapon sway,” another test video appears below, showing off more of the physics that come with it, similar to how the original game performed. It appears to be very accurate thus far, though, again, the team still has a ways to go. Plus, we’ve only seen a couple of weapons thus far. We’re interested in seeing how other items, like the laser watch, really come together.

And finally, there’s an extensive behind-the-scenes video below, which features the work that the team is putting into the dynamic music system that Goldeneye 25 will possess. Thus far, it’s still in the works, but you can see what kind of work the team is putting in here, and it shows in almost every aspect.

Now comes the real question -- if Nintendo (or perhaps the James Bond rights holders) will possibly shut down this project before it reaches fruition. After all, the publisher has proven to be ruthless when it comes to shutting down unofficial fan remakes of its properties, if only because it’s very protective of its licenses. The only real hope here is that, since it hasn’t done anything with the Goldeneye license in years (save for enabling Activision to produce the remake Goldeneye Reloaded years ago, even though that was mainly the work of another developer), it probably won’t go after this one with a vengeance. Still, when it eventually does release, don’t be surprised if Nintendo moves into action.

For now, keep a close eye on the Goldeneye 25 project to see how it’s coming along. The team could certainly be on to something here.


If you want to experience the original Goldeneye, you can certainly hunt down a copy for Nintendo 64!

(Hat tip to DSO Gaming for the scoop!)