NBA 2K21 Announces Update to Shooting Following Backlash

Yesterday, NBA 2K21 released on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, and tomorrow it will get its first update. From the moment of release, one narrative about the game quickly took over: the new shot meter, which made shooting much more challenging compared to previous entries. Even the game's cover star Damian Lillard was tweeting about the issue. While some fans appreciate the difficulty spike, many took to social media and forums to trash the new shot meter and how difficult it made shooting.

At the time, Visual Concepts confirmed it was aiming to make shooting more difficult with NBA 2K21, a decision likely influenced by complaints that shooting in NBA 2K20 was way too easy. And it was, but it looks like the developer has overcorrected, evident by it announcing today that it's making some adjustments.

Taking to the game's official Twitter account, Visual Concepts and 2K revealed that a shooting hotfix will drop tomorrow, September 6, for Rookie, Pro, and All-Star difficulty levels. However, shooting will stay the same on higher difficulties and Neighborhood.

At the moment, this is all the game's official Twitter account has revealed, meaning it's unclear what specific changes are being made to shooting.

Meanwhile, the usage of "hotfix" suggests this will be a pseudo-update to the game, or in other words, an update that won't require a download.


All of that said, as you would expect, fans are divided about this announcement:

NBA 2K21 is available via the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. Meanwhile, come later this year, it will also be available via the PS5 and Xbox Series X.