Someone Reimagined NBA Teams With Pokemon Logos

There are a ton of ways that fans show their favourite franchise some love: cosplay, fan art - the works. One fan, however, figured out a way to blend their love for the NBA and marry it to the Pokemon fandom. Fair enough.

User deezlobs created a series of NBA logos using Pokemon instead of the usual mascots. He went full in, and for that - we thank him. As a New Orleans native, I have to say I'm particularly fond of the 'New Orleans Pelippers' rendition myself:

(Photo: Deezlobs)

Though the Orlando Magikarp is downright hilarious, so we can't just ignore that one:

NBA Magikarp
(Photo: Deezlobs)

From Chicago, to Toronto - no team was safe from Pokemization. The full gallery can be seen here for high quality individual pieces, but many of the NBA x Pokemon logos can be be found in the condensed version below. What can we say? The world needs more Pokemon.

(Photo: Deezlobs)

(via Imgur)