NECA Toys Teases Crash Bandicoot, Alien Vs. Predator Arcade Figures

NECA Action Figures 3

Earlier this year, NECA announced that it had reached a partnership with Activision, and intended to release the first product through that partnership early next year – Crash Bandicoot figures!

While we’re still waiting for an exact release date – as well as an idea of what figures we can expect from the line-up – NECA has posted some early concept art of what the Crash Bandicoot figurine will look like.

Though still early – and uncolored – it looks like the figure will have the same level of personality as the in-game character. You can see the art below.

NECA Action Figures 2

On top of that, Resetera has also uncovered some art for the company’s forthcoming Alien vs. Predator line. And we’re not talking the comic book, but rather the 90’s arcade game based on the comic franchise, featuring a number of characters from the Capcom release, including the Mad Predator, the Warrior Predator, the Hunter Predator, and the human characters in the game, Dutch and Linn Kurosawa.


NECA hasn’t dated these toys just yet, but with San Diego Comic-Con happening in a few months, it wouldn’t surprise us if the company offered them as an exclusive for that show, as it did in the past with its Konami-licensed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures.

NECA Action Figures

We’ll keep you informed as soon as we get more details!