New Pokemon Snap Director Explains How Pokemon Were Chosen

New Pokemon Snap has an extremely good title because it is both a new Pokemon Snap video game and also, there is a whole bunch of new Pokemon included in it. Given the sheer number of Pokemon in existence at this point compared to the original Pokemon Snap, it's not surprising that the new spinoff video game will not include every single one of them. So, how did the team go about choosing which ones to include? According to a recent interview with the game's director, Haruki Suzaki, it all had to do with New Pokemon Snap's various environments.

"The selection of Pokémon was truly hard," Suzaki told Game Informer as part of a recent preview of the upcoming video game. "My vision was to create a world where you can actually imagine wild Pokémon thriving in their natural habitats and ecosystem. At first, we thought about Pokémon’s natural habitats and fascinating landscapes and climates to research. Then, we narrowed down our choices by balancing out how different Pokémon would live in these habitats and their relationships within each environment. As a result, there are more than 200 Pokémon, rich in variety, appearing in this game."

If you are not already familiar, the upcoming video game sees players take on the role of a photographer working with Professor Mirror and his assistant, Rita, in the Lental region. A number of new Pokemon appear in the game, and notably, the new video game also includes something called the Illumina Phenomenon where some Pokemon have a special glow to them. Uncovering the mystery behind the phenomenon seems to be the driving force behind the game's narrative.

New Pokemon Snap is set to release for the Nintendo Switch on April 30th. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming Pokemon video game right here.

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