'Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition' Creeping Its Way To PlayStation Vita

While the PlayStation Vita will officially end its run next year, that doesn't mean the system's gathering dust. In fact, we're seeing a number of indie games released for the platform. And soon, it'll be getting a dose of cheesy full motion video-fueled old-school goodness.

Today, Screaming Villains announced on its Twitter page that, along with the physical version of Double Switch for PlayStation 4, the 90's horror game will make its way to PlayStation Vita.

The game will be available via pre-order on the Limited Run Games page, and, like the previously released Nintendo Switch version, is likely to go very quick with all those collectors out there. You can see the full tweet announcement below.

The game originally released on the Sega CD before coming to other platforms, and saw a recent resurgence on PlayStation 4 before heading to other systems. It was a bit controversial back in "the day," but it's built like a cheesy horror movie, with high-tech vampires pursuing scantily clad women during a slumber party, with the player portraying a special agent who must capture the bloodsuckers in pre-set traps.

The 25th Anniversary Edition of the game also includes new features, including deleted scenes, two documentaries, an all-new Theater mode, a new Survivor mode with online functionality, and the unreleased Scene of the Crime mode. All that should be a lot of fun for PlayStation Vita owners.


A price hasn't been revealed just yet, but it's likely to be around $30-$40.

So keep a close eye on this site and get ready to pre-order these gems! (And don't trap the girls...or you can, if you want.)