Nintendo 64 Gets Its Own Honest Game Trailer

Considering its popularity with the retro gaming community, we figured it would only be a matter of time before the team at Smosh Games devoted an entire Honest Game Trailer to the Nintendo 64. And lo and behold, it has arrived.

The trailer, which can be seen above, takes a look back at Nintendo's 1996 release, and the many games that came out for it. But it also makes note of how much of a struggle the controller can be; as well as some 12-year olds seem to be better game players than their parents.

The trailer begins by looking at the "simplicity" of 16-bit games ("moving from left and right until you were out of continues," he notes), and then talks about how the N64 games look like a "five year old's art project" with their primitive 3D designs. Ouch. We knew the games were old, guys, but come on.

We then get into the thick of the trailer, with "brand new ways to be terrible at video games," and the transition into 3D games for the first time, including consistent camera shifting and dealing with platforming "that suddenly involves depth perception."

Then it moves on to some nostalgic imagery before talking about the N64 controller, which the narrator insists was designed by aliens that don't have the faintest idea of what human hands look like. Of course, it also mentions how you can destroy the analog stick by playing that one mini-game in Mario Party.


The "modern era of Nintendo" came with this system, thanks to a library of "undeniable first party classics," along with a "third party library that's harder to go back to than the week-old pizza in the corner of your room." (The narrator also picks on Quest 64, the "key" RPG for the Nintendo 64 -- a "game so generic, they didn't even name it.")

Then we get to the four controllers and the ability to play friends in split-screen multiplayer -- as well as the shaming that comes with cheating in Goldeneye. (And you gotta love the Oddjob shoutout, not to mention the bitter rivalries that come from the Mario Party competitions.)
Get nostalgic and watch the Honest Game Trailer above. Then decide for yourself if it's too harsh or not. C'mon, maybe Quest 64 sucked, but you guys can't deny Ocarina of Time...can you?