Nintendo Fan Shares Incredible Images of Sealed SNES System With Star Fox

Sealed retro consoles are pretty hard to come by, especially ones from multiple decades ago. However, Reddit user Super Cereal Marketer shared some incredible images of a European Super Nintendo console owned by their uncle. This is not a launch edition of the system, but a different version offered when Star Fox released in 1993. There, the game was actually sold under the name Starwing, and that fact is reflected on the box art. Apparently, the poster's uncle ordered the console by mail, but it didn't seem to arrive. He was sent a second console, but it turned out the first one actually had been delivered and was found "behind the rubbish bin." Nearly 30 years later, he still has the sealed system!

An image of the console can be found in the Tweet embedded below, and more can be found on Reddit right here

It's hard to overstate what an incredible find this is! A sealed Super Nintendo console would fetch a pretty penny on secondary market (one sealed system on eBay is currently priced at $15,000). The original poster was quick to point out that there are some imperfections that can't be seen in the images, including some dinged corners, "a rip in the cellophane on the back and some fading on the sides." Despite this, the console would make an amazing display piece for any Nintendo fan's collection. Of course, anyone that wanted to take it out of the box would find that it only plays EU cartridges (as the SNES is region-locked), but this is one piece that should probably remain sealed!

The Super Nintendo is considered by many fans to be one of the greatest video game systems of all-time. The console played host to a number of beloved games, including Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid, and Star Fox, of course. Given the passion many fans have for the system, it's not hard to imagine someone paying top dollar for this one!

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