Nintendo Switch Online Reveals New Free Game Trial

Dragon Ball FighterZ will soon be free to play for NSO subscribers.

As part of their subscription, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are regularly treated to free trials of existing games. On August 4th at 10 a.m. PT, Dragon Ball FighterZ will be made available, and will be free to play through August 10th at 11:59 p.m. PT. During that time, the entirety of the game will be playable (not including the DLC) so those that have never had a chance to try it out can experience all it has to offer and decide if it's right for them. All save data will be transferable to the full version, should subscribers decide to purchase it.

During the trial, Dragon Ball FighterZ and its DLC will also receive a substantial discount on the eShop, adding an extra incentive to purchase the full game. The game will be discounted 84%, while its FighterZ Pass DLC will also be available for 72% off. As of this writing, the base game and FighterZ Pass are still priced at $59.99 and $34.99, respectively, but the discounts should begin alongside the trial's start. Once the trial is live, subscribers will be able to download it right here.

The beautiful thing about these trials is that there's really no downside to playing them. Save data works exactly as it would if you borrowed the game from a friend, and will exist on the user's system until they choose to delete it. What this means is that gamers that prefer physical titles can buy the physical copy of Dragon Ball FighterZ, and the save data would transfer over just as it would for the digital version. It might end up costing more than the discounted digital version on eShop, but it's nice that the option is available.

Dragon Ball FighterZ first released in 2018. Given the game's age, it does make for a somewhat unusual option for a Nintendo Switch Online trial, but it is still a good one. Review scores for the game were universally positive at launch, and the game has seen a bunch of extra content released since then.

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