Nintendo Switch Sports Second Update Live Alongside Patch Notes

A new Nintendo Switch Sports update has been released via Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED alongside patch notes that reveal what has been changed with the game's second ever update. And the answer to this is not much. Unfortunately, the update doesn't come with any new updates or any huge new features. What it does come with are tweaks to soccer, volleyball, and bowling. 

While we know what Nintendo has changed with the update, we don't know how much space Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED users will need to fork over or how long it will take to download, aka we don't have information about the file size. The patch notes suggest a smaller download, but this is just speculation. 

Below, you can check out the complete patch notes for the update:


  • One-on-One and Four-on-Four Soccer can now be played using the leg strap -- Play Globally: On the sport-selection screen, highlight Soccer and press the X Button -- Play Locally: On the screen showing how to hold the Joy-Con controllers, press the + Button -- Play with Friends: On the screen showing how to hold the Joy-Con controllers, press the + Button.
  • A new camera mode has been added. To use it, go to the sport-selection screen, then Options → User Settings → Other (for Two-Hand Mode only).
  • The camera can now be reset during play by pressing the X Button.
  • Players will no longer jump too high when kicking repeatedly, and it should also be easier to jump to the maximum height (for Two-Hand Mode only).


  • You can now perform Slide Attacks, a coordinated move where a player crosses the court before leaping to spike the ball -- To do a Slide Attack, move the Stick left and right after bumping the ball. This move is great for catching opponents off guard -- To block a Slide Attack, quickly start moving toward the opponent who is getting ready to spike the ball by using the Stick to get into position.
  • You can now perform Rocket Serves -- When serving, toss the ball high and hit it at its apex to do a Rocket Serve.


  • Adjusted how the pins fall – It is now slightly harder for the pins to fall when bowling straight -- It is now slightly easier for the pins to fall when bowling with a curve.