No Man's Sky Releases Massive New "Prisms" Update

Hello Games released yet another significant No Man's Sky update this week with the launch of "Prisms." Included in Prisms are things like a better photo mode for capturing player's best shots, reflections on certain surfaces if you've got the right device to support the feature, and an expanded range of creature companions to adopt. The full contents of the update extend far beyond that and are all available now across the platforms No Man's Sky is playable on.

Some of the most notable changes in the Prisms update deal with high-end and next-gen systems like PCs and the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. DLSS is now supported on PCs with NVIDIA RTX graphics cards while players on the PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One X will now benefit from seeing screen space reflections on different surfaces.

"Screen space reflections have been used to add stunning reflective surfaces and to improve lighting quality in the Space Anomaly, space stations, Atlas stations, freighter hangars, derelict freighters and more!" a preview of the new feature said. "Busy locations feel more dynamic than ever, with starships and lifeforms creating reflections as they move, and lighting in reflective areas feels higher quality and more realistic."

For those more focused on the critters of No Man's Sky as opposed to what shows up in reflections, the Prisms update brings with it some good news. The creatures players can befriend as companions has been "hugely increased to encompass virtually every lifeform you encounter," according to Hello Games, so if there's something out there you wanted at your side that couldn't be recruited before, it's time to pay the creature another visit. Fur has also been added to different creatures, so you may find you have a new favorite whenever you're out looking for companions after downloading the Prismsupdate.

Another convenient feature is the ability to move your freighter bases easily and quickly whenever you purchase a new freighter.


"When purchasing a new freighter, your existing freighter base is automatically transferred and reconstructed," Hello Games said. "In addition, freighter base layouts can now be reset at any time from the Freighter Upgrade Control terminal."

No Man's Sky's Prisms update is out now across all platforms.