No More Heroes Creator Gives Hope for New Series Entry

No More Heroes III is set to release on PlayStation and Xbox platforms this month, but the game currently represents the final entry in the series. Series creator and director Goichi Suda (also known as Suda51) has teased plans to unveil a new game from Grasshopper Manufacturer later this year, but it won't be one that features Travis Touchdown. There are no current plans for the team to revisit the series, but Suda51 did leave the possibility open in a new interview with GNN (translated by Video Games Chronicle). However, it could be quite some time before that happens!

"Yes, that's right, No More Heroes III is Travis' last battle," Suda told GNN. "Nobody could say what's going to happen 10 years from now, and I can't say either. If there's a big fan outcry, Travis might be back. Just like Tom Cruise came back as Maverick."

Of course, No More Heroes fans probably won't be too thrilled with the Top Gun comparison; after all, it took 36 years for Top Gun: Maverick to release! Hopefully Travis Touchdown fans aren't kept waiting nearly as long, but at least the director remains open to the idea. Suda51 also told GNN that he would like to see a compilation game that features all three games in the No More Heroes series. Compilation games seem to be all the rage in the video game industry at the moment, and a lot of No More Heroes fans would likely jump at the chance to own them all in one collection. As Video Games Chronicle notes, that decision remains up to the publisher. For now, fans will have to settle for the current releases!

No More Heroes III released on Nintendo Switch last year. The game received mostly strong reviews, earning a score of 4 out of 5 from's Jamie Lovett. Readers interested in checking out that review can do so right here. The game is slated to release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on October 11th.


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