Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Coming to PS Vita in March

wasn't much of a complete story, Edo Blossoms' multiple endings might answer a few of those [...]

(Photo: Idea Factory International)

Idea Factory, known for developing, producing and distributing extremely popular Japanese dating sims, is bringing one of its hit titles to the PS Vita. Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms releases for the Vita on March 13th. Edo Blossoms is the second half of the story told first in Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, with double the options for love interest routes and an action-packed narrative to guide it. Check out the trailer below.

Back in the role of player character Chizuru Yukimura (or whatever first name you happen to choose), and will conclude her story within the world of the Shinsengumi. For anyone who felt that Kyoto Winds (which is out on multiple platforms now, including mobile) wasn't much of a complete story, Edo Blossoms' multiple endings might answer a few of those cliff-hanger mysteries that its predecessor left behind. New eligible bachelors include Keisuke Sanan and Susumu Yamazaki, as well as the Shinsengumi's main muscle, Shinpachi Nakagura.

The game will also be PlayStation TV compatible, defined in high definition for comfortable play at home. Right now, the physical game is available for pre-order on Amazon, though its release date is listed for April.

Hakuoki pulls inspiration from the trials and battles of the Shinsengumi, with supernatural flair. A vampire-like curse is spreading across Japan, and those stricken with it develop an insatiable need for blood. Every bachelor in the game deals with this particular problem, except the ones who are already demons, including the primary antagonist -- who is, of course, also a love interest. Otome games are great. Here's everything you can expect from Edo Blossoms:

  • 12 Charming Bachelors – Start by choosing from one of 12 handsome bachelors and fall in love with Japanese history's most famous warriors.
  • Multiple Endings, One True Love – Explore the gorgeous world of Hakuoki through narrative choices that unlock branching storylines and up to 30 different endings.
  • Beautiful History Comes Alive – The dramatic romance, friendship, and betrayal unfolds on your screen through fluid animation, vibrant art, and detailed CGs.

Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms releases for the PlayStation Vita on March 13th.