Overwatch 2 Announces New Heroes

It may not have been much of a surprise to video game fans, but Blizzard announced on Friday, during the opening ceremony at BlizzCon 2019, that Overwatch 2 is officially on the way. The sequel that players have been waiting for is finally on the way. The announcement was paired with a cinematic trailer that revealed the all-new storyline for Overwatch 2, as well as a gameplay trailer that showed off a few new features. In addition to some fresh and exciting game modes, it was confirmed that there will be new heroes in the sequel.

The details of these new heroes are largely being kept under wraps, that much was made clear during the presentation. However, the trailer did introduce one of the new heroes coming to the world of Overwatch 2, and there was a promise that even more would be on the way.

The first new hero coming to the roster is Sojourn, and she's sporting a dangerous weapon and some awesome white hair. Check out the first look at Sojourn below.

overwatch 2 sojourn
(Photo: Blizzard)

As we said, there were no details about Sojourn or any other new hero announced at BlizzCon, nor was there any mention of then they (or the game) would be arriving. But it was confirmed that Overwatch and Overwatch 2 would operate as a shared experience, meaning that all of the new heroes and maps introduced in the sequel will be playable in the original. Similarly, all of the skins and add-ons you earned in Overwatch will carry over into Overwatch 2.

So if you don't end up buying the sequel, even though it has some exciting new game modes, you'll still be able to play as Sojourn and a few other new heroes. Now if Blizzard could just announced a release date for the game....

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