The 'Persona 5' Essential Edition 4LP Vinyl Set is Available Now


Vinyl soundtracks for popular games like Cuphead, The Witcher III, Dark Souls, Skyrim, and The Legend of Zelda, are all the rage, and now you can add Persona 5 to the list. Actually, the vinyl soundtrack for Persona 5 has been out for several months now, but demand has already claimed the 6 LP set, and the 4 LP set has been on backorder. However, ThinkGeek has just received stock, so you can get a copy right now if you hurry.

The Persona 5 4 LP set includes 61 songs from the game (2.5 hours of music) pressed on four different colors of vinyl: black, grey, clear, and red. It also includes custom slipcovers, a custom case, and a sticker sheet. The full list of specs and tracks are available below.

Persona 5 Essential Edition Vinyl 4LP
• Officially-licensed Persona 5 merchandise
• From iam8bit
• Includes 4 vinyl LPs: black, grey, clear, and red
• 61 songs - 2 1/2 hours of music from the game
• Acid jazz composed by the gifted Shoji Meguro
• Featuring the vocals of Japanese soul singer Lyn Inaizumi
• Mastered at Infrasonic in Los Angeles
• Produced at Noiseland's factory in France
• Art a collaboration between iam8bit, Atlus, and SEGA
• Includes 4 LPs, custom slipcovers, custom case, and sticker sheet

Disc 1, Side A
• Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
• Life Will Change
• Last Surprise
• Beneath the Mask
• The Whims of Fate

Disc 1, Side B
• Beneath the Mask -Rain-
• Tokyo Daylight
• Rivers in the Desert
• Hoshi to Bokura
• Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There, (Opening Movie Version)

Disc 2, Side C
• Beneath the Mask (Instrumental)
• Life Will Change (Instrumental)
• Rivers in the Desert (Instrumental)
• Beneath the Mask -Rain- (Instrumental)
• Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Instrumental)

Disc 2, Side D
• Interrogation Room
• Recollection and Foreboding
• Disquiet
• Ark
• Desire
• Blooming Villan
• Awakening
• Star Forneus
• Punch Ouch
• Train of Life
• Power Intuition
• Legend of Gambla Goemon
• Pro Golfer Sarutahiko
• Crane Game

Disc 3, Side E
• Meeting
• Confession / Secret
• Blood of Villan
• Regret
• Butterfly Kiss
• My Homie
• A Woman
• Sunset Bridge
• When Mother Was There
• Limitless Pride

Disc 3, Side F
• Treading on Scorched Sand
• Alleycat
• Planetarium
• Freedom and Peace
• Jaldaboaoth
• Swear to my Bones
• Our Beginning

Disc 4, Side G
• Phantom
• Escape
• Tension
• Will Power
• Triumph
• Layer Cake
• The Collapse of Lust
• High Pressure
• Price


Disc 4, Side H
• Keeper of Lust
• Life Goes On
• New Beginning
• Home Electronics Store
• Welcome Home, Master!
• Sweatshop

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