PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Tops 800,000 Players, Passes Dota 2

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds crossed another impressive milestone recently by reaching over [...]

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds crossed another impressive milestone recently by reaching over 800,000 concurrent players and briefly having more players than Dota 2.

The battle royale game has been climbing in users for some time now, but passing Valve's acclaimed MOBA on Steam seemed like a long shot not too long ago. PUBG beat out Counter-Strike: Global Offensive recently as well, and the shooter has now shown that it has what it takes to attract more players than Dota 2, at least for a while.

On Saturday, PlayerUnknown, the game's creator, shared a tweet that captured the moment that the game reached over 800,000 players and found itself just below Dota 2. The game was far above Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at that point with just under 300,000 more players and was even further above other games like Grand Theft Auto V and H1Z1: King of the Hill, the last of which wasn't even above 100,000 players.

But that milestone was pushed even higher today when PUBG gained a few thousand additional concurrent players and passed Dota 2. As of today, Dota 2 peaked at exactly 838,519 players while PUBG topped the MOBA by no small margin with 877,844 peak players for the day.

The news definitely didn't go unnoticed by the game's creator again with a tweet being pushed just recently that highlighted the accomplishment.

Dota 2 has still reached even higher numbers in the past with the game topping 1 million players at times, but Valve's game has been out for some time now and even has a massive tournament called The International to help bolster its growing numbers. Considering PUBG hasn't been out for nearly as long, it makes the lofty numbers even more impressive.

Couple these accomplishments with the fact that PUBG is still in early access and isn't even fully released yet and it definitely seems like the game still has plenty of room to grow. The game continually receives updates and new content that includes a recently revealed desert map.

PUBG is available on Steam and is planned to be published for Xbox One later this year.