PlayStation Reveals Over 10 Minutes of Demon's Souls Gameplay

With just under a week to go before the PlayStation 5 releases alongside the Demon’s Souls remake, Sony shared a new State of Play this weekend to show off more gameplay from the remade game. Over 10 minutes of gameplay was shared with commentary from the SIE Worldwide Studios Creative Director Gavin Moore to show a very important part of the game – the beginning. From there, the gameplay preview bounces around to different points in the game to show off even more bosses that have been similarly remade while keeping their imposing natures intact.

You can check out the State of Play below to see how things will look in Boletaria once you drop into Demon’s Souls on the PlayStation 5. After creating the character that’ll join you for the rest of your grueling journey, you drop into the Nexus to get your bearings and meet some of the NPCs that’ll congregate there. The State of Play skips over that part and gets right into the action though by traveling to the Gates of Boletaria via the first Archstone, the Archstone of the Small King.

You’ll immediately be met with dragons and corpses and scenes of general dismay and ruin to let you know you’re in Demon’s Souls. Enemies mostly just shamble towards their next move in these early stages, but as Moore points out and as any Souls players will know, the unblocked hits from these enemies can quickly deplete your health bar in just a few swings.

After showing off the first parts of Demon’s Souls, the gameplay moves to other portions of the game to show things like the Flamelurker boss fight and more. It’s a tour of different Archstones players can visit that’ll look all too familiar to those who played through the original Demon’s Souls.


The gameplay is new, but much of Moore’s commentary in the State of Play reiterates much of what we’ve heard before about the plans for the Demon’s Souls remake. Players will be able to choose between a Performance or Resolution mode depending on your preference and will be able to hear the world of Demon’s Souls in a new way if you’ve got a headset to use with the new Tempest audio system. Demon’s Souls will also be one of many PlayStation 5 games that uses the DualSense’s unique features like haptic feedback to players’ benefits.

Demon’s Souls launches on November 12th alongside the PlayStation 5.