Demon's Souls on PS5 Reveals First Look at Character Creation Options

Creating a new character is something every Demon’s Souls player will have to do before they start their grueling journey, and to give a preview of that experience, Sony shared a first look at the character creation options this week. Characters from the Souls games have never exactly been pleasant to look at but have always at least had tons of customization options to choose from. The new Demon’s Souls remake continues that trend with “16 million permutations” available to players to choose from, Sony said.

The menu below will look familiar to anyone who’s crafted a character before but will look especially familiar to those who’ve done so in the Souls games. You can choose from presets to use either in-game or as a starting point, and if you want to start from scratch, the developers have added new customization options for players to look into. Everything from the skin to the eyes to the facial hair to something called “decals” which are likely things like war paint and scars can be customizes to create a unique character.

Demon's Souls
(Photo: Sony)

You’ll mostly be seeing your character from behind in Demon’s Souls as you rush down dark hallways and sprint between enemies, but the way your character looks still matters for the times you’ll see them. Helmets, armors, and other gear will show bits of your character through them at times depending on what you’re wearing, so it’d be best not to skimp on this part of the game lest you end up dissatisfied later when you’ve got some dazzling armor outfitted on a so-so character.

To help show off the work that went into creating your character, Demon’s Souls, like so many other modern games, is adding a photo mode. You’ll be able to take shots of your character facing off against massive bosses and all manners of other creatures. Different options like filters and the options to hide weapons and helmets will let you show off different parts of your build, and you can also change your character’s pose or expression. If your character’s in the way of whatever else you’re trying to capture, you can remove them from the shot completely.

Those filters mentioned above will also be available outside of the photo mode which means if you prefer one of them or want to get closer to the way Demon’s Souls looked on the PlayStation 3, you can keep those filters on throughout the game.