Here's How NBA 2K21 Will Use PS5's DualSense Features

NBA 2K21 is coming to next-gen platforms right when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launch next month, and it's bringing with it some of the expected enhancements like better graphics, improved movement systems, and more. Both consoles sound like they'll yield a better NBA 2K21 experience compared to what players have seen on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but on the PlayStation 5, the game's got something more to take advantage of: The DualSense controller. New info on NBA 2K21's next-gen plans shared on Wednesday showed how the game will utilize the DualSense controller's features like the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback in ways you'll only find on the next-gen platform.

Those who've been keeping up with Sony's updates on the DualSense controller and its features will know that many next-gen games are utilizing the device in different ways. Most of those games are shooters or involve shooting weapons in some capacity which fits naturally with the tension and feedback created by the controller when pulling the triggers, but NBA 2K21 is taking a different approach. The adaptive triggers will be used to convey a sense of player stamina, NBA 2K gameplay director Mike Wang said.

"As you move around the court, you'll feel more and more resistance on the Sprint trigger as your player's energy drains," Wang said in a breakdown of the way the next-gen controller will be used. "We also use adaptive resistance in the post game. Strong post players will feel very little resistance on L2 when backing down weaker opponents, but you'll have to use more force to pull L2 when it's the other way around. It's very interesting to play with and helps immerse you into the experience of actually being on the basketball court!"

Haptic feedback is another key DualSense feature the game will make use of. Users will feel the controller responding to their actions in different ways as players collide with one another depending on how hard the hits are and other factors.

"Boxouts, body-up rides, off-ball collisions/deny/rides… basically any situation where players make significant contact will vibrate the controller at various intensities depending on the strength of the players involved and the severity of the impact," Wang continued. "It's so dope to feel the difference in your hands between a grazing bump and hard hit. It's also a great reinforcement tool to understand when you're making players work too hard on the court, which could hit their energy/stamina levels and potentially cause wear-and-tear on their bodies with our in-depth injury system."


The Xbox Series X launches on November 10th with the PlayStation 5 launching on November 12th, so look for the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 to arrive then with these features and more.