New Demon's Souls PS5 Gameplay Trailer Released

PlayStation Studios and Bluepoint Games released a new trailer for Demon’s Souls this week, the remake of the classic cult-hit game that’s coming to the PlayStation 5 as a launch title. It opens with our soul-collecting protagonist tearing through the Stonefang Tunnel portion of the game while fighting the normal fodder enemies before engaging in some boss fights. It closes with a montage of scenes around the Demon’s Souls world that’ll look familiar to those who played it before and foreboding to those who haven’t.

You can check out the Demon’s Souls trailer below to see more gameplay from the PlayStation 5 remake. Our hero trades out weapons and gear occasionally throughout the fight to showcase some of the different types of weapons you’ll find in Demon’s Souls and how they can be effectively used against different kinds of enemies.

While the normal enemies are all well and good, seeing the remade bosses and the moody settings they’re housed in should stir up some memories of those who played the original Demon’s Souls. We see things like the Armor Spider first followed by the Flamelurker afterwards with both of them taking on new appearances for the remake, though they’re both still instantly recognizable. Towards the end of the trailer, you’ll see battles with a number of different bosses that have similarly been updated.

Other than these updated appearances, the difficulty of the boss fights and the enemies’ reactions to players moves have largely remained unchanged. Speaking to Gavin Moore, creative director at SIE Worldwide Studios External Development, GameSpot asked if the Flamelurker’s behavior had been changed at all while noting the enemy seemed more aggressive in the clip. Moore said no changes had been made and that the behavior of enemies and such was “sacrosanct” in Demon’s Souls.


“So we leave the actual logic and AI alone. We don't touch that,” Moore said. “That's sacrosanct almost. And we don't want to go in there and dive into that at all. I think that's the way that that was captured, the way that the player played the game. You know the way the Flamelurker reacts, if you hit him more, he gets more aggressive and more violent and lights up. So you can see that in the trailer, but that's a super challenging boss battle as well, it really is.”

Demon’s Souls releases for the PlayStation 5 as a launch title on November 12th.