PlayStation 5: Look Inside PS5 Digital's Package and Compare to Xbox Series X

The PlayStation 5 has finally arrived. After launch day, it's time to take a look inside of the box and see what the PS5 is all about. as it turns out, it is all about a sleek design but also a massive size. The PlayStation 5 will never be described as being a small, that's for sure, dwarfing the more recent editions of the PlayStation 4 and even the Xbox Series X. The controller has an improved feel by comparison to the DualShock 4 and a sleek, futuristic looking design to match that of the console. In the video above, we take a look inside the box of a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition console.

While the memes and viral tweets about the Xbox Series X would have you believe it looked like and is the size of a mini fridge, it is actually the PlayStation 5 which comes closer to such a size. Held side by side in the video above, the PlayStation 5 is almost double the size of the Series X. Meant for being stood up, the PS5 does come with an additional piece which helps it lay flat on its side because without this additional piece the console's design would cause it to be uneven.

The controller for the PlayStation 5 offers a comfortable feel but also an impressive design in its added grip details. On the back of the controller, the controllers have almost microscopic shapes stamped across it to match the well known x, triangle, square, and circle buttons. It's completely unnecessary but a fun and impressive detail, nonetheless.

The PS5 offers a couple of USB ports on the back, plus an ethernet input and an HDMI output, plus a USB input on the front of the console, as well.


Overall, there are not many surprises in the box of the PlayStation 5. Gamers are greeted by the instruction booklet, a power cord, and the controller, before they dig deeper into the box to find the massive console waiting to be carefully removed from its obviously bigger box.

If you want to see more of the PlayStation 5, feel free to drop a question or comment my way on Twitter. If you would like to see our Day 1 unboxing of the Xbox Series X, you can find that video by clicking right here!