PlayStation Now Adds 3 New Games

Three more games have been announced for PlayStation Now's catalog for the month of May, two of which will keep players tense and on-edge while the third will test their tactical shooter skills. The three games being added this month are Rainbow Six Siege, The Evil Within 2, and Get Even, and if you've got a PlayStation Now subscription, you'll be able to play them as part of the service until they're eventually removed or your subscription expires. No game removals were mentioned in the PlayStation Now announcement post, so it looks like no games are leaving just yet to make room for these three new ones.

Sony announced the May lineup of PlayStation Now games around the time that this month's free PlayStation Plus games went live. This means that if you've got a PlayStation Now and a PlayStation Plus subscription, you've got five different games to look forward to that should keep you busy for a while.

Of the three games being added this month, Rainbow Six Siege is the only one that has a defined timeframe for how long it'll be available as part of PlayStation Now. It's set to be downloadable from now until November 2nd which should give players plenty of time to try and hopefully get good at Rainbow Six Siege before it's removed to give them an idea of if it's worth buying. The game continually gets new content in the form of routine updates and new Operations to add more characters and other features, so if you're looking for a game to go the distances with, you could do worse than Rainbow Six Siege.

Once you get tired of tactical teamwork and need something a bit more chilling, you can try out The Evil Within 2. It's the sequel to The Evil Within and is full of jump scares and grotesque creatures. The same devs that made The Evil Within 2 are working on a new game called GhostWire: Tokyo, so if you're into this one, be sure to keep an eye on the next project.

The third game is the one people will probably know the least about, but judging from the trailer above, it's not one to be missed. It's called Get Even, and it's about a person stuck in an asylum with a virtual reality device forcibly attached to their head which serves as a gateway to all sorts of disturbing visuals.


The three PlayStation Now games are available to play this month for anyone who has a subscription to the service.