PlayStation Panel Scheduled for PAX Online Event

Sony has a panel planned for the PAX Online event starting soon that’ll take place on September 18th, but the plans for that panel haven’t been revealed yet. It’s currently only listed as “Sony Holder” on the site for PAX Online that details the schedule for the event with no other information available at this time. The hope from PlayStation fans though is that we’ll finally hear something more about the PlayStation 5 and the plans for its release since we’re the expected release timeframe is drawing so near now.

As spotted by Push Square, the Sony panel can be seen online via the livestream schedule for PAX Online. There’s not much to see there other than a date and a time for when it’ll take place. Whatever is to be shown, it’ll happen on September 18th at 10:45 p.m. It’ll be the final livestream event scheduled for the day.

It’s impossible to draw any sort of conclusions from the listing since it offers no information, but that hasn’t stopped people from hoping that we’ll finally hear something about the PlayStation 5 from the event. Neither the PlayStation 5 nor the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition have prices that have been announced yet, and we still don’t know when the consoles are releasing beyond some time during the Holiday 2020 season.

Sony has been particularly stingy with answers for the most pressing questions around its next-gen plans like prices and release dates. Any frustrations people may have had with that were only exasperated earlier in the week when Microsoft was the first to share its pricing and release details for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Both companies were pretty late with their announcements compared to past console releases, and with Microsoft now striking first, eyes are on Sony to finally share more about the PlayStation 5.

For those who missed the Xbox news, both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S will release on November 10th at $499 and $299 respectively. The $499 price is one that’s been speculated on for the PlayStation 5 before, but it’s harder to predict how much the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will be since the only change is that it lacks a disc drive. Without any noteworthy information like that, we’re left to be satisfied with leaks about the PlayStation 5 boxes’ contents to hold us over until we learn more.