PS5 Release Date Possibly Leaked by Amazon Japan

The PS5 release date has possibly been leaked by Amazon Japan. We are almost halfway through September, yet Sony hasn't said a peep about when the PS5 is coming out, or how much it will cost. We know it's releasing this holiday season -- presumably in November -- but this is all we know, officially at least. Unofficially, we may finally know when the PS5 is dropping, and the information comes courtesy of Amazon Japan.

Over on the retailer's website, Amazon Japan listed the PS5 charging stand, headset, and other PS5 products all for release on November 20. Every single product. Of course, there's no November 20 listing for the console itself, but this does seem to hint that, at the very least, Amazon Japan thinks the console is dropping on November 20, which is a Friday.

As you may know, quite a few rumors, reports, and "leaks" have pegged the PS5 for release this week of November, typically alternating between November 17 and November 20 as the date itself.

If the console does release on November 20, that will be 10 days after the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release. Of course, this would be the opposite of what happened this generation. This generation the Xbox One hit the market seven days after the PS4 released.

As always, take everything here with a large grain of salt. It's quite possible this is simply a placeholder date, or in other words, when Amazon Japan thinks the PS5 and its accessories are releasing. It's also possible this is simply a mistake.


At the moment of publishing, neither party involved -- Amazon Japan or Sony -- have commented on the "leak" and it's unlikely either will. However, if either do, we will be sure to update this post with whatever is provided.

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