The Biggest Pokemon Ever is a Giant Wedding Cake

The Pokemon Company revealed its largest ever Pokemon, and it's a humongous wedding cake. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company released a new trailer for Pokemon Sword & Shield that showcased a brand new Gigantamax mechanic. Gigantamaxing your Pokemon will transform both their size and shape, and will grant it access to powerful G-Max moves exclusive to specific Pokemon species. Not every Pokemon can Gigantamax. A Pokemon that can Gigantamax is supposed to be rare, as not every Pokemon can Gigantamax, and some species can't Gigantamax at all.

As part of today's trailer, The Pokemon Company debuted the Gigantamax form for Alcremie, a new Fairy-type Pokemon. In its normal form, Alcremie is a sentient glob of whipped cream, but its Gigantamax form transforms it into a massive wedding cake, with berries as hard as diamond and the ability to fire cream-filled missiles that induce confusion and euphoria on its targets.

While oversized Pokemon are part of Pokemon Sword & Shield thanks to the game's Dynamax and Gigantamax mechanics, Gigantamax Alcremie holds an important record. The mega-sized Pokemon stands at over 98.5 feet tall, making it the largest Pokemon on record. That's larger than Wailord (which is 47 feet long), Mega Rayquaza (at 35 feet), or Alolan Exeggutor (also at 35 feet).

Of course, we do know that Wailord will be in Pokemon Sword & Shield, so it's possible that Wailord's Dynamax form will be even larger than Gigantamax Alcremie. The Pokemon Company has remained mum on some of the specifics of Dynamaxing, so we don't know whether Wailord will grow a set multiplier in size when Dynamaxed (tiny Pokemon grow to 50 feet or even taller when Dynamaxed) or if it'll just grow a bit larger due to its already hefty size.

While we wait to see whether Wailord can re-take its crown as the tallest Pokemon, Pokemon trainers should keep their eyes out for massive wedding cakes coming to crush them. After all, Alcremie might be looking to get revenge for all the wedding cakes needlessly murdered and carved up by humans.


Pokemon Sword & Shield will come out on November 15th.