A Pokemon Themed Escape Room is Coming to Japan

The Pokemon Company is teaming up with a Japanese escape room company to bring specially-themed Pokemon escape rooms to eight cities in Japan. The new Pokemon Escape Rooms are part of a promotion to promote Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You, which follows Ash and Pikachu's quest to finally meet the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh.

The rooms will feature the "trials of Ho-Oh" and will presumably test a person's Pokemon knowledge in order to escape. Promotional material showed Ash, Professor Oak, Ho-Oh, Pikachu, and the original Starter Pokemon Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

The escape room's website also hints that nearby stores will also be transferred into Professor Oak's lab to give players the opportunity to pick their first Pokemon. All attendees will also get a special Poke Ball-themed binder.

While no release date was announced for the new escape rooms, they'll probably debut sometime in the next month as the new movie comes out on July 15th.

The new Pokemon movie will feature a flashback to Ash and Pikachu's first adventure together, with Ash saving Pikachu from a group of Spearow and then seeing the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh. While Ash goes off to have adventures with Misty and Brock in the television series, the new movie will show Ash and Pikachu's quest to find Ho-Oh. Not only will the movie feature new characters, it'll also show Ash's connection to the Mythical Pokemon Marshadow.


The new Pokemon movie doesn't have an American release date, but is expected to air sometime in the fall on Disney XD.

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