'Pokemon' Fans Are Pointing to Twitter for Proof That a New Game Announcement is Coming

Pokemon fans believe that a new game announcement is coming this week, and they're pointing to a series of tweets from the official Pokemon account as proof.

February is almost over, and we still haven't gotten an official announcement of a new Pokemon game. While we know that a new Pokemon game is set to be released later this year, some players are getting antsy about the lack of an announcement. After all, this new Pokemon game will be the first "main series" Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch, filled with all the features and Pokemon missing from last fall's Pokemon: Let's Go games.

Pokemon Day, the anniversary of the release of the first Pokemon games, is next week and many fans feel that the holiday would be the perfect time to announce a new game. Some even believe that the Pokemon Company is hinting at an upcoming game release with a series of Tweets highlighting various regions of the Pokemon world. Earlier this week, the official Pokemon account started releasing videos about parts of the Pokemon world, beginning with the Kanto region.

The Pokemon Company are tweeting one video per day. As there are seven "official" Pokemon regions, the video series would end the day before Pokemon Day...unless an eighth video was planned to debut the new region that will appear in the next Pokemon game. We will note that the videos all use lore from the Pokemon anime series instead of lore from the games, which makes it seem a little less likely these tweets are teasers about new games.


There's a lot of chatter about getting a reveal about new Pokemon games soon, although a lot of that could be just educated guesses instead of legitimate insider knowledge. We'll have to see if these