Pokemon Go Reveals Details of Holiday Event on Taiwan's Google Play Store

Google Play just leaked the first details about Pokemon Go's next event.

Earlier today, Taiwan's Google Play store posted a new update for Pokemon Go along with some surprising details about the game's upcoming (and unannounced) Christmas event. The listing confirmed several bits of information about the upcoming event as well as some new surprises.

First and foremost, the Google Play listing confirmed that Delibird would appear during the holiday event as one of several new species added to the game. Delibird is an Ice-Type Pokemon that pulls presents from its sack-like tail and throws them at opponents. The Pokemon is one of two from the Johto Region that has yet to appear in Pokemon Go.

The listing also mentioned that more than 10 new species of Pokemon would be added to the game. We previously reported that dataminers found image assets related to more than 20 new Water-Type and Ice-Type species on Pokemon Go's servers, along with a notification that informed players of the new Pokemon.

We'll also get our first look at the new premium item "Star Pieces," which boost the amount of Stardust a player receives when catching a Pokemon. The new items will be part of new item boxes that can be purchased from Pokemon Go's in-game store. The boxes will also have incubators available.

Finally, Pokemon Go appears to be bringing back "Santa Hat Pikachu" for a second straight year. Not only did the header image for the listing feature the hat-wearing Pikachu, the listing also mentioned that a "special festival" Pikachu would be present in the game.


Notably, the event details did not mention any bonuses, extra raid bosses, or extra spawns.

The Christmas event is expected to begin on December 21st (based on early reports), but Niantic has yet to make any sort of official announcement about the event.