Pokemon Go Players Unlock Double Stardust in Global Catch Challenge

Pokemon Go players are halfway to their goal of unlocking Farfetch'd around the world.

Earlier this morning, Pokemon Go announced that players had captured over 1.5 billion Pokemon during this week's Global Catch Challenge, meaning that players will now get double Stardust for catching and hatching Pokemon.

Pokemon Go announced the Global Catch Challenge on Sunday, offering a ton of bonuses for players if they could catch 3 billion Pokemon in a week. Players previously unlocked a double XP bonus on Monday for catching 500 million Pokemon. Lures dropped at PokeStops now last 6 hours and additional Pokemon are spawning around the world as part of the event.

If players can catch 3 billion Pokemon by November 26th, Farfetch'd will spawn around the world for a 48 hour period. Farfetch'd is one of Pokemon Go's regional exclusive Pokemon and is typically only available in Japan and East Asia. Kangaskhan will also spawn in areas that Farfetch'd usually appears.

As part of the Global Catch Challenge, Pokemon Go also launched a new YouTube video series called "Pokemon Go Travel," which follows a group of YouTube personalities as they travel around Japan during the Global Catch Challenge. Their journey will end at a special Safari Zone event at the Tottori Sand Dunes in Japan.


Pokemon Go players are on pace to reach the 3 billion goal by Sunday, but there could be a setback due to Thanksgiving. Although many US trainers have the day off, they'll be spending their day at Thanksgiving festivities instead of catching tons of Pokemon.

We'll have to see how today's holiday impacts the Global Catch Challenge. Stay tuned for more updates!