Pokemon Go's Earth Day Bonuses Are Here for an Extra Week

pogo wailmer

Pokemon Go is giving out a bunch of Earth Day bonuses, along with a few unexpected surprises.

Earlier this month, Pokemon Go announced that they would give out a special 3x Stardust Bonus for catching Grass, Earth, and Water-Type Pokemon if at least 1,500 players attended various sponsored Earth Day events around the world. While some players reported that their local events unexpectedly fell through, it seems that enough players attended events to trigger the bonus.

According to an in-game notification, over 4,000 players attended various Earth Day events, which meant that players got the full bonus. The bonus went into effect earlier today and will last through April 30th.

That's not the only reward that Pokemon Go gave to trainers. The game also increased the spawn rates of Grass, Water, and Ground-Type Pokemon around the world, so that players could benefit from the new rewards. Some Pokemon spawning with more frequency include the uncommon Ground-Type Pokemon Phanpy and the Water-Type Pokemon Wailmer. Although Wailmer's not a rare Pokemon, the increased spawn rate should give players more of an opportunity to obtain a Wailord, which requires 400 Wailmer Candies to obtain.

Other Pokemon that are appearing because of the event include Magikarp, Carvahna, Corphish, Rhyhorn, Sandshrew, Shroomish, Bellsprout, and Oddish.

The biggest surprise, however, is that Pokemon Go also released a new Shiny Pokemon to celebrate the event. Players can now capture a Shiny variant of Wailmer in the wild. Shiny Pokemon are rare Pokemon with variant coloration than normal non-Shiny Pokemon. Instead of its usual dark blue skin, a Shiny Wailmer's skin is light purple. A Shiny Wailord is also purple instead of blue.

It's possible that Pokemon Go could add Shiny variants of a Grass or Ground-Type Pokemon later this week, but that's just conjecture on our part.


While the other bonuses will go away on April 30th, Shiny Wailmer will stick around the game permanently. Still, the Earth Day event represents the best chance to get a Shiny Wailmer, considering they're spawning around the world.

Players should take advantage of the Earth Day event, especially if they don't have a Wailord in their PokeDex.